spanish car registration

Spanish car registration is for most people too complicated. Due to the many requirements and exceptions created by local laws and governments.  At Intellegal we take the complications away and always find the most economic ways to administer your vehicle, without the headaches or hassles. We are experts in registration of foreign vehicles in Spain, approvals and everything about cars registration in Marbella and the Costa del Sol services.

Driving licenses, exchange of foreign licenses, duplicates, renovations

We realise exchanges of driving licenses from authorised countries, renovations of driving licenses & duplicates of driving licenses.

Registration & unregistration of cars

A Spanish car registration that temporarily or permanently needs to be unregistered, needs to be communicated to the Dirección General of Traffic by the owner of a vehicle, withdrawing it from circulation. Sales off-road, temporary off-road/or definitive

Transfers of vehicles between owners

When buying a car or selling a registered vehicle, ownership must be changed in the Dirección General of Traffic. We assist you with this process from A to Z. Transfer of cars.

ITV and DGT appointments & exchange of address

We obtain and go to appointments at the ITV (Technical Inspection) and DGT (official instance for Tráfico), as well as make address changes of vehicles.

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Car Registration Spain: foreign vehicles registration in Marbella and the Costa del Sol

We register foreign vehicles in Spain, as well as export cars and follow all necessary steps to obtain the Spanish license plates. Where needed, we assist in obtaining that all the requirements for the car registration in Spain are being met. We manage also the homologation of vehicles in Spain through an authorised laboratory when this would be required.
– Matriculation or registration of new cars
– Matriculation or registration of cars from EU
– Matriculation or registration of import cars
– Tourist plates
– Registration of historic cars
– Engineer M.O.T certificate – Single type approval number (single homologation)
– We obtain temporary plates (green plates) which are temporary permits allowing the provisional vehicle registration, before the final registration or while being processed.

Spanish car registration - Marbella

Car registration of Spanish or foreign cars to obtain the Spanish license plates. Our Spanish car registration services handle all origins of cars, whether from within the EU or outside. Car registration in Spain