foreigner integration

Our Services for Foreigner Integration (Extranjería in Marbella)

  • Nationality: if you want to apply for the Spanish nationality, we can assist you in everything related to obtaining it.
  • Obtaining NIE in Spain
  • Invitation letter, authorization for temporary stay, return authorisation
  • Family Reunion, residence card of the family of the Union citizen
  • Different Administrations Registration
  • Certificate Union citizen.
  • Domestic Partnerships (pareja de hecho)

Since the year 2000 Spain has seen an enormous influx of foreigners coming to reside here. The Costa del Sol certainly has been and continuous to be one of the desired regions knowing a very diverse but foremost growing population of foreigners. Over 5 million foreigners have registered in Spain according to recent statistics, even though that many more live in Spain yet residing elsewhere. Foreigner integration is one of the major legal issues immigrants have to deal with and European immigration laws apply. Intellegal helps you precisely with this foreigner integration subject.


When living in Spain more than half the year, you are obliged to register as a resident in Spain. However, there are many other obligations for spending time in Spain, even though you do not stay in Spain for half the year. At Intellegal we can help you comply with the Spanish laws and advice you what to do and what not. Contact us for a free consultation without any obligation. We are a group of professionals who can advise legally in Marbella.